Issues in formulating objective


Issues in formulating objective
They key of issues in formulation objective are :
  1. Reluctance to establish objective :Lack of confidence,fair of failure or avoidance accountability make managers reluctant to established objectives.They serves as an issues to effective objective formulation.
  2. Residence to change :Change is making things different.People resist change.The reason can be fear or unknown,poor communication,loss of job security.Lack of participation or vested interests.Resistance to change serves as an issue n objective formulation.
  3. Improper reward system :Improver reward system for achieving objectives services as an issue their formulation.Similarly,too much emphasis on short term performance at the cost of long-term performance can be an issue is objective formulation.So can be reward for poor objective formulation behavior.
  4. Environmental dynamism :Rapidly changing environment can be an issue in objective formulation.Technological innovations and intense competition pose difficult in assessing future opportunities and threats.
  5. Constraints :constraint limit what organization can do.They may related to lack of resources,government or legal restriction,increasing competition,and time constraint.Constraint become issues for objective formulation.
  6. Approach :The issue is what approach should be used for objective formulation.They can be :
  • Top down approach :It is top management-driven.Top level managers determine the objectives.The assumption is that overall corporate objectives should direct the objective formulation process at middle and lower level.
  • Bottom up approach :It is subordinate-driven.Middle and lower level manager set objectives for their position and present them to to-level managers.The assumption is that top managers need information from subordinates for overall objective formulation.
  • Management by objectives(MBO) approach :It is driven by both management and subordinates.MBO is used as an approach to objective formulation.Superior and subordinate jointly set time -bound measurable specific objective.


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