Characteristics of strategic management


Characteristics of strategic management
They are:
  1. Uncertain :Strategic management deals with future-oriented non-routine situation.They create uncertainly.Managers are unaware about the consequences of their decisions.
  2. Complex :Uncertainly brings complexity for strategic management.Managers face environment which is difficult to comprehend.External and internal environment is analysed.
  3. Organization wide :Strategic management has organization wide implication.It is not operation specific.It is a systems approach.It involves strategic choice.
  4. Fundamental :Strategic management is fundamental for improving the long-term performance of the organization.
  5. Long-term implication :Strategic management is not concerned with day-to-day operation.It has long-term implications.It deal with vision,mission and objective.
  6. Implication :Strategic management ensure that strategic is put into action,implementation is done through action plans.


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